NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Governor Bill Lee announced Friday he will launch a review of Tennessee’s education formula in hopes to explore a more student-centered approach.

Tennessee’s current school funding framework, the Basic Education Program, commonly known as BEP, has not been updated in more than 30 years. 

Gov. Lee said a thorough review of the funding formula is needed to ensure the betterment of students’ education is at the forefront. 

“We will pursue a rigorous review of our state’s education funding to ensure we are properly investing in students and stewarding our resources well,” said Gov. Lee. “I invite every Tennessee parent to tell us about their current experiences as well as their hopes for the education, environment, and experience in our K-12 public schools,” said Gov.Lee. 

Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn is working alongside Governor Lee to participate in the state’s full funding formula review. 

“Tennesse’s students are the future of our state, and we’ve got to be sure our public schools are well-equipped to prepare each and every one of them for lifelong success,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. 

In the upcoming month’s district school leaders, elected officials, families, and education stakeholders will be engaged through committees and local meetings to curate a student investment strategy. 

The new investment strategy plans to incorporate the following in student education: 

  • Prioritizes students over systems 
  • Empowers parents to engage in their child’s education 
  • Incentivizes student outcomes 
  • Ensures all students, regardless of location or learning needs, are served at a high-level 
  • Reflects Tennesseans’ values 
  • Creates flexible funding that prepare students for postsecondary success 

Those interested in joining an exploratory committee should email

More information on the funding review can be found here.