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Best Dr. Martens women’s boots

Are you looking for footwear that is durable and stylish, working-class yet fashion-forward, and unmistakably original? Look no further than Dr. Martens, the iconic British boot brand synonymous with punk rock chic. 

Since the 1960s, Dr. Martens, more commonly known simply as “Docs,” have been a footwear staple thanks to their distinctive build and look, capturing the spirit of rebellion and mashing it with rugged blue-collar toughness. Docs are instantly recognizable by their yellow contrast stitching, smooth and tough leather and rubber air-cushioned sole. 

Although their signature 1460 boot is considered unisex, the company also offers several women’s designs and sizes that are just as stylish as rugged and comfortable. Our favorite is the Dr. Martens 1490 W 10-Eye Boot.

What to know about Dr. Martens women’s boots

Classic vs. new school

For Dr. Martens’ entire line of boots, the classic 1460 remains the primary inspiration for the company’s new models, including some stylish variations that depart from the original. If you’re a punk rock traditionalist, there is still a wide enough variety of the classics to find a pair that speaks to your style. However, the company innovates with new designs and features, like ornate prints, embroidery, raised soles and heels and more, creating new styles that stand out in a crowd. 

Boot cut and height

The original 1460 Docs feature an eight-eyelet lace system, but the rest of their footwear ranges from six to 18 eyelets, giving you options from ankle to knee and in-between. If tall boots with long laces are not your thing, Dr. Martens offers both slip-on and zip-up models that combine fashion with function.


Although Dr. Martens boots are available in men’s and women’s US sizing, the company’s products are not offered in half sizes, which means you need to determine if you should size up or down. If a boot feels too tight, the next full-size up will likely give your feet the room to wear the boots comfortably.

Some notable features of Dr. Martens women’s boots

Leather construction

Dr. Martens boots are typically made with high-quality leather or vegan synthetic material and are made to withstand an array of conditions and elements. The material will be stiff at first, but with proper shoe care and natural wear, your boots should break in with time. 

Slip-resistant outsole

To add to their functionality as working-class footwear, Dr. Martens’ signature rubber outsole is slip-resistant, built with grooves and treads that provide premium traction. To add even more durability, Docs’ outsoles are heat-sealed, keeping excessive moisture out and preventing leather peeling.  

Air-cushioned insole

Another signature feature of Dr. Martens is the air-cushioned insole that makes Docs more comfortable than they appear. The trademarked “Bouncing Soles” minimizes foot fatigue from shock and impact and are built for all body types.

Material finishes and linings

In addition to the standard smooth leather finish, Dr. Martens offers texture and finish variants that add a tactile enhancement to the fashionable footwear. Options include crushed velvet, soft leather and shiny patent leather — not to mention weatherproof-finished material. Also, some models offer extra cushy interiors of plush fabric or faux fur that add extra warmth during Winter temperatures.

How much can you expect to spend on Dr. Martens women’s boots?

Dr. Martens boots range in price from $80-$250, with an average price of $150 per pair. 

Dr. Martens women’s boots FAQ

How can I protect my Dr. Martens boots?

A. Dr. Martens offers several specialized shoe care products, including the original and unique Wonder Balsam shoe protection wax. Besides cleaning your boots, Wonder Balsam also softens and weather-treats the leather, helping to break them in and keep them both comfortable and attractive. Other products are available, including a specialized wax for synthetic vegan material. 

What women’s sizes of Dr. Martens boots are available?

A. Dr. Martens boots and shoes are available in women’s sizes from 5-11 without half-sizes. We recommend trying on a larger or smaller size in person in-store if you’re normally a half size.

Which are the best Dr. Martens women’s boots to buy?

Top Dr. Martens women’s boots

Dr. Martens 1490 W 10 Eye Boot

Dr. Martens 1490 W 10 Eye Boot

What you need to know: The addition of two more eyelets — and inches — makes a world of difference, distinguishing this boot as more glamorous than the original.

What you’ll love: Sleek contours. Classy, edgy and comfortable.

What you should consider: Long lacing can be frustrating.

Where to buy: available at Amazon

Top Dr. Martens women’s boots for the money

Dr. Martens Emmeline Women’s Boot

Dr. Martens Emmeline Women’s Boot

What you need to know: With five eyelets, this boot is smaller and more elegant with five eyelets than the original.

What you’ll love: Low profile. All black colorway. Air-cushioned for comfort.

What you should consider: The shoe’s body is slim.

Where to buy: available at Amazon

Worth checking out

Dr. Martens Women's Flora Leather Chelsea Boot

Dr. Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot

What you need to know: Vintage Victorian design meets modern aesthetics. This slip-on is comfy, convenient and classic.

What you’ll love: Rear tab for an easier slip-on. Warm and plush interior.

What you should consider: Stiff leather takes time to break in.

Where to buy: available at Amazon

Dr. Martens Women's Rometty Fashion Boot

Dr. Martens Women’s Rometty Fashion Boot

What you need to know: This hybrid boot combines classic Chelsea shape while adding a platform sole and heel, adding a little extra height.

What you’ll love: Sturdy and durable. Good for all seasons.

What you should consider: Heavier than most Chelsea boots.

Where to buy: available at Amazon


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