KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – 8-year-old Kenton May, “K.J.,” said Tennessee forward John Fulkerson is his favorite person in the world, and over the weekend he got to meet him.

Ashley May, Kendon’s mother, said Fulkerson and his sister stopped by a graduation party for her daughter Olivia in Kingsport and stayed for well over two hours. Fulkerson played kickball with a group of kids and played basketball with Kendon. The two also shared a meal and Fulkerson came baring gifts–signed Tennessee memorabilia for Kendon including a basketball and a “team” bracelet that fits perfectly around K.J.’s ankle.

“We are honestly blown away by his kindness,” said May on Fulkerson’s visit. “K.J. was in complete awe.”

May said Fulkerson told her he remembered being a kid and looking up to Chris Lofton and said how he would have given anything to have met him, so he wanted to make an effort to meet the kids that look up to him.

May wrote in a Facebook post about the meeting, “John Fulkerson is amazing. We were fans before today, but over the moon now.”