Anderson County, Tenn. (WATE) — The 2022 season was pretty kind to Anderson County, the year ending with the program’s first state title. The Mavs are still on cloud nine from last season but now it’s time to take AC from one ring to a dynasty.

There’s no doubt the Mavs lost a chunk of talent off the state champion squad but they do have six or seven guys on each side of the ball that sat behind last year’s starters and are ready to step in, it’s just all about when their pieces will fall together.  

“They don’t have the game experience, game savvy yet, so I think the tell of the tape for us is gonna be at what point do they get game savvy and at what point do we get chemistry and start hitting on all cylinders, I think all the pieces are there but chemistry is not a given we got to get that worked out and if we get that worked out we’ll have a shot at the end of the day,” said Anderson County head coach Davey Gillum.

One key component for the Mavs this year will be replacing Walker Martinez at quarterback, AC has two options in Izaiah Hill and Cody Miller.

“They’ve been competing and going all summer, it’s more about what we’re doing series to series but there’s room for both of them,” said Gillum.

On paper, the Mavs have the tools to find the same success this year that just needs to transfer onto the field.