KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Nick Moog saw his season come to an end in the final game of the Mavs’ perfect 15-0 year. During Anderson County’s first ever state championship win, the senior tore his ACL for the second time.

“I heard it pop and I’m like well I couldn’t put weight on it right after and it felt like forever waiting on them to get out there to come out to me but I knew exactly what it was,” said Moog.

The injury was a repeat of his freshman year: same leg, same knee.

This time Moog was back in action much earlier, but his presence with the Mavs program never stopped for a second.

“I was here everyday, everyday that I could be that I didn’t have therapy I was here, cheering them on telling them good job, you know trying to coach them up as much as I can, what I know to do and I think it really helped some of the kids and it grew a bond with them that even though I wasn’t out there with them I was still here supporting them,” Moog said.

The senior was back in time for the start of spring practice and full speed by the end of it.

“I was definitely confident that I would be back better than ever,” said Moog.

Moog’s quick recovery was in part due to replacing the ACL with tissue from a cadaver of a 17-year-old, Moog’s same age.

“I would be so thankful to him, it’s all in my little folder they gave me, I just haven’t really got up to checking it, I’ll probably get a little emotional checking it, but I would be unbelievable thankful for him,” Moog said.

“Maybe one day” was Moog’s response about opening up that folder.

“Rough to see what happened to them and the different situation they’re in that changed what happened to me,” said Moog.

After Moog’s first ACL tear, he thought his football career might be over. The second time around that was far from the case, the new ACL sending new speed and perspective into the Mavs’ leading rusher.

“Made me have another perspective that I cant wait to get out here and there are other people that I know that I’m pretty close with that can’t be here to play and they’re die hard Maverick fans and it’s a big deal to me to play for other people,” said Moog.