ATLANTA (WATE) — Spencer Strider punched out 13 batters in the Braves’ 11-0 win over the Marlins. Strider has struck out at least nine batters in his last nine starts, which surpassed John Smoltz for the longest streak in franchise history.

Strider went 7.1 innings before surrendering his first hit of the game on a bloop single.

“I was aware,” said Strider. “It’s kind of cool. Cool to be there. Grateful for it.”

Strider’s extended family, including his grandma, was in attendance to see Strider throw eight innings and only give up two hits.

“I’m happy they were there for that,” said Strider. “They don’t get to come to a lot of games, certainly not since I’ve made it to this level.”

The starting pitcher is 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA and 49 strikeouts this season.