KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Joe Milton grew up about an hour outside of Miami in a small town called Pahokee.

The activity used to pass the time in Pahokee was not playing video games or watching TV, it was chasing rabbits.

The amount of hares he tried to hoard might surprise you, “Some people use cleats. Some people are barefooted. Some people use sticks like the cane sticks. They’ll find a fresh one. They’ll hit a rabbit with it or they’ll grab the rabbit by the back of the neck. Some people will punch them. I can’t do that. I ain’t punching no rabbit. It’s still an animal. The best part about it is when you catch them and you lay all your rabbits down and you probably got like 30 rabbits or 20 rabbits. It may see like 30 rabbits is nothing but that’s a lot of rabbits. If you’re catching 30 rabbits, you’ll pretty much the man for the day. Everybody pretty much be around you for the day. It’s like an award in Pahokee when you catch that many rabbits,” said Milton.

Milton also has a tattoo of a rabbit on his arm in honor of his home, and got to visit his hometown before arriving in Miami on Sunday.