KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Consistency is the word to describe what Halls football is striving for this year.

To do so, the hope is for their skill position talent, which is on the younger side, to mature and develop into what they are trying to do as an entire team.

The Red Devils have seniors on both the offensive and defensive sides of the line to help implement that consistency as well as stability in the coaching staff with head coach Brent Hughes entering his second year.

“I think you build it by being consistent yourself, preaching the same message, one thing we tell our kids is we’re big on effort and attitude right those are the two things that we can control and as long as we bring the effort and attitude everyday then we can be resilient with anything that comes our way,” said Hughes.

In addition to preaching consistency, proving the Red Devils are resilient and tough will be a focus for Halls as well.