KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A player’s first touchdown in a varsity uniform is always a special moment.

“I can’t believe I scored really, just it was amazing, my teammates were all surrounding me, like it was just amazing,” said Campbell County’s Gavin Owens.  

Owens accomplished that feat in the Cougars’ win over Fulton, and then celebrated by adding on five more.

Our Friday Frenzy Week 2 Player of the Week left the field Friday with 20 carries, 197 yards, and a school record for touchdowns scored in a single game.

“I mean I just want to give all glory to God I mean he’s really let me do this sport that I love, it’s just an outstanding opportunity, I mean my line helped a whole bunch and just it was really a team accomplishment,” said Owens.

Six touchdowns in a single contest isn’t a feat Owens ever thought he’d reach. The bar is now pretty high but there’s plenty of season left to shatter his own record.

“I mean just keep working it’s just one so I gotta get more, there’s no stopping now just keep going really,” Owens said. 

Owens was hoping for a seventh, but six will have to do for now.