KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Improvement within Hardin Valley football was consistent throughout the 2022 season, but that didn’t necessarily show up in the wins and losses.

However, a foundation was laid down.

The Hawks don’t just want close games this time around, they’re gunning for wins.

Returning the bulk of last year’s starters on both sides of the ball, HVA has the personnel, chemistry and mindset to get over the hump.

“I mean it’s work, that’s the only way, I think as they’ve gotten bigger and stronger and you know we had a young team last year, I think we only had 10 or 11 seniors on the whole team and so we got a lot of kids with a lot of experience so they feel, they’re more comfortable,” said head coach Jeff Miner, “They’re more confident in what they’re doing, they’re all stronger and faster like I said and you know that helps build confidence as you know they see the guy across from him, he’s not that much bigger, more developed than they are, because they put in the time, the work and they’re a year older.”