KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — With only six of their 40-50 player roster being seniors, Pigeon Forge football is sporting a lot of youth this year.

The offensive line houses the most experience, but the rest is all about development.

Bringing the younger players up to speed doesn’t just happen overnight, but it is easier when you have more than the coaches on the same page.

“It’s more on the seniors and for their leadership but for us as coaches, we need to just do and bring them along as fast as they c an go, not as fast as we want them to go but for them to be successful we can only do what they can do to be successful,” said head coach Scott Meadows.

“The main thing that I’ve been trying to do is on offense I’ve learned everybody’s position, I know what everybody’s doing so if those young guys do have a question they can come to me and they can ask me and I can help them out,” senior Aiden Howard added.

Junior Edgar Cabral emphasized that the older guys are there to get the younger group ready for Friday nights and let them know the upperclassmen will be there to support them.