KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Fulton football is marching into the postseason for the 13th straight season. Eleven of those seasons have come under coach Rob Black, a man who is etched into Fulton history.

The man in charge of the Falcons surpassed 100 wins as a head coach this season. It didn’t take Black long to cross the century mark.

“It’s just such a shared accomplishment,” he said. ”In the game of football for a coach to win 100 wins he had to have had some good players and some really good people around him.”

A whistle carries a lot of weight for Black. The whistle strapped around his neck as a daily reminder of how much responsibility he holds.

“Actually, I love coach Black because he comes out here every single day and gives us his best,” said Fulton junior quarterback Marcellus Jackson.

Black puts an emphasis on relationships, specifically with his players.

“Me coming here my freshman year, I was rowdy,” Jackson said. ”I was like, ‘Coach, I need you to help me change.’ Now he like, he make sure I’m doing everything. My school. I’m taking AP classes.”

Black holds his Fulton family close to his chest, especially the players who have donned a Falcons jersey.

“That’s always special to you when you’ve had an impact on players who played for you years ago,” Black said. ”That just makes this game special.”

“We mean something to him,” Jackson said. “We touch his heart.”

The Falcons’ final game of the regular season is Friday against Carter. It’s the Friday Frenzy Game of the Week.