KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Halls football team is wearing No. 88 decals on their helmets this fall to honor a teammate in recovery from a major injury.

Caleb Limbaugh suffered a brain injury in a car crash earlier this year and continues to recover.

“88 is more than a number, but rather of reminder of who is the junior is, Halls Head Coach Brent Hughes said. “He’s a kid that on the field he only knew one speed, and that’s full speed. He was always hustling, always going as hard as he could go and off the field he was just a silly kid that loved being around his teammates and loved being around his friends.”

Wearing Limbaugh’s number is a gesture the team wanted to do to show Caleb he’s still a Red Devil, even if he’s not on the sideline.  

“We wish he was with us you know Caleb has been a big part of our team and in our community and we just wanted to do something to let us know he’s always with us,” said Hughes. “I was texting with him today and you know just super excited that he’s doing well and we really as a football team just want to show him some love.”

“It means a lot for my whole team to wear my number on their helmets. I love my team and all my coaches. They’re undefeated this year and they say they did it for me. Them wearing my number makes me feel like I’m there playing with them,” Caleb Limbaugh said. “I may never get to play football again and if I can’t I’m going to miss football so much. I’ve been playing that sport since I was 9 years old.”

A No. 88 decal stuck to the back of a helmet is far from everything the Red Devils program has done for Caleb and his family since the accident.

“The teammates and coaches that ran to us after the accident will never be forgotten. The love and support was overwhelming and the boys wearing his number is extremely special,” said Jamie Limbaugh, Caleb’s mom. “Most of the starters on this team are his close friends that he spends most of his time with. He misses football more than anything at the moment. It’s difficult for him to not be able to play and especially not be there at all.”

This isn’t the first time Halls football has supported one of their own, and it won’t be the last.

“It’s a special community full of special people and you know when times are tough you can always rely on,” Hughes said, “You hate going through tough times, you hate going through tragedy but what you find out is people rally together and it inspires others.”

Playing side-by-side with passion is part of what defines Red Devils’ football.