ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Gavin Noe committed to Navy on June 28th. After mulling offers from Marshall, Memphis and Navy, the family fit with the Midshipmen made too much sense.

“They like to talk about the brotherhood and the opportunities you have when you go to the Naval Academy when it comes to getting a job,” said Noe. “That’s something that really stuck with me. When it comes to college football, I want to go somewhere I can get a good job afterward because I know how slim of a chance it is to go to the next level after that.”

The Navy was the top option not only because of the family atmosphere but because of Gavin’s dad, Richie.

“He was a walk-on at the University of Tennessee,” said Noe. “He got to play here and there. I think he was pretty good player, but he really showed me that it was a big deal to get a scholarship.”

Gavin’s dad did not force him to commit to Navy, but his influence had some pull in the ultimate decision.

“Of course as soon as Navy offered me that scholarship, he was pretty excited, and he kept asking me ‘Are you gonna commit? You’re gonna commit, right?’”

The official visit made the choice as easy as bursting into the endzone. 

“We got to Annapolis,” said Noe. “We were standing there to get our name tags and what not. Coach McDonald out of about 30 kids, he walked straight up to me. That showed me that he cares about his job. He cares about Navy. He cares about me.”

While Noe’s dream of playing football will continue on the collegiate level, his life experiences have prepared him for a military lifestyle.

“My dad and my coaches have trained me over my life,” said Noe. “I’ve always been treated as one of coach Gillum’s or coach Chatwood’s own. They get on to me.”

A coaching and parenting style that will thrust him forward while in the military.

Noe and the Mavericks open the season on Aug. 19 at home against Powell.