CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — The Campbell County Cougars finished 2021 with a 6-5 record after losing in the first round of the playoffs. Now, the Cougars are looking to replace quarterback Hunter White and running back C.J. Allen.

“Obviously, we’re gonna miss him,” said Campbell County football head coach Justin Price. “I think this year it’s gonna shift more to our quarterback getting the ball out wide to those guys and making plays. High school football, unfortunately, you lose really good players. Hopefully, you’re developing the next group of guys and players to come in so that you can reach your potential for that year.”

Sophomore Landen Hensley will take over the starting quarterback position. The team sees a lot of potential in him.

“He’s unreal,” said Campbell County senior wide receiver and linebacker Mason Shanks. “He does a lot of good things for us. He’s young. He doesn’t have the experience, but he’s gonna get into it. He’s gonna start feeling himself and we’re gonna have a good season with him.”

The Cougars do return all four starting wide receivers from last year. They expect to carry a large portion of the workload.

“We have a high expectation for our receiving corps,” said Campbell County senior running back and linebacker Will Lester. “They’re all four-year starters, three-year starters. We have a lot of experience there in the receiving spot. I think that’s where most of our expectations come from. Really relying on those guys to put points on the board.”

Campbell County opens its season at home against Chattanooga Central on Aug. 19.