NASHVILLE (WATE) — Karns junior running back DeSean Bishop and Alcoa senior quarterback Caden Buckles were named Mr. Football for their respective classes on Tuesday afternoon.

Bishop, the Class 5A winner, was one of the best running back in the state with The junior carried a heavy workload. He racked up 441 carries, which is tied for the most in TSSAA history.

The running back dedicated his Class 5A Mr. Football award to his cousin Stanley Freeman Jr. Freeman, a student at Austin-East High School, was shot and killed in February.

“That was like my why, everyone would ask why I would get on my knee and point to the sky and that was for him and mainly just finishing the year off with something good and this completed the season, this is for him,” Bishop said.

Bishop led Karns to its first playoff win in program history. With one more year of high school left, he will look to help the Beavers improve off a 7-5 season.

Buckles had some stiff competition for the award in Class 3A, but the two-time state champion’s stat line ended up standing out. The senior completed 89 of 120 passes for 16 touchdowns. He also tacked on seven touchdowns on the ground.

The quarterback took the path less traveled, but it was all worth it to him in the end.

“From where I started at Catholic, I loved it there but never really got an opportunity to play,” Buckles said. “If you told me two years ago I would’ve called you crazy. I never would’ve thought about the opportunities I’ve been given. Being able to capitalize on everything that’s been handed to me, it’s crazy.”

Buckles led the Tornadoes to their seventh straight state title Friday.