KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A long-time friendship continues to fuel history being made inside the William Blount tennis program.

When they weren’t enough kids to fuel a Union Grove Middle School tennis team, John Macon turned to his good friend Baylor Cupp, “Bayler came out and he was fantastic at tennis,” said Macon. 

“When I first started I honestly didn’t even think I’d be playing here in high school,” said Cupp.

As the years unfolded, their friendship turned into something bigger, “Knowing we were the greatest athletes in the school really,” said Macon.

Jokes aside, the Macon and Cupp duo are actually the best William Blount has ever seen in the sport of tennis, they’ve shattered every school record in doubles and sit number one, and two for most singles wins in program history. 

“Everyday in practice we know what we’re trying to work for, we know there’s a high expectation when we play here,” said Macon.

Being the first boys tennis players to reach the state tournament last year was a first for William Blount, but a state title is still on the line.

“That would mean everything, that’s what my goals been since freshman year here and I wake up and have a goal, wakeup, write it on my wall, win a state championship,” Macon said.

So what makes the duo so good? It goes back to how Macon served Cupp the opportunity to play tennis in the first place.

“I think our friendship really is why we’re such good doubles partners because we’re joking throughout a match like even if we loose a game, we know each other’s game well enough that we’ll be back, we’ll be fine,” said Macon.

As the two prepare for Murfreesboro, their days of playing together continue to dwindle.

“I’m gonna miss his energy on the court, he’s a good hype person out there and he never lets the negative get to me if I miss a shot or two, he’s always pumping me up so I’m really gonna miss that,” Cupp said. 

“Always knowing if a ball gets past me, he’s gonna be right there, and I know I’m all good if I mess up, he’ll be right there,” said Macon.

But a friendship that was there long before the tennis courts is set to remain for the years after.