Local aspiring race car driver wins big thanks to Scott Bloomquist


MOORESBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — 13-year-old Brody Littleton has a passion for late model dirt racing.

He was introduced to the revving of the engine and the sound of tires speeding through dirt tracks, going to races with his dad, Shannon, who has been a fan of the sport since the Atomic Speedway days in Loudon County.

“We’ve been watching racing our entire lives around here when I was a young guy,” said Shannon. “Got Brody introduced at a young age, he loved it.”

Before he knew it, Brody wanted to get behind the wheel, taking his passion from the stands to the track at 12 years old.

Scott Bloomquist is a late model dirt racing legend. The “Voodoo Child” collected over 600 wins in his 40 year career, etching his name in the sport’s history after he was inducted into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame in 2002.

Shannon has followed Bloomquist’s career and got the opportunity to introduce Brody to him at a race one year ago or so.

Little did they know at the time that he would later change their lives.

Bloomquist and Team Zero Racing got into the holiday spirit this season, putting together a 12 Days of Christmas raffle on a whim. The prizes consisted of custom, signed door panels, shoes, and helmets with the grand prize being a custom late model car. The race car driver said fans from around the world and across the country bought tickets in hopes of winning that car.

An hour and a half away in Lenoir City, Brody saw Bloomquist’s post on Facebook promoting the contest and begged his parents to buy just one ticket.

“I was like, ‘let’s just buy it and when they send us a ticket, he can just keep that in his keepsake,’” said Brody’s mother Denise Littleton.

Brody said he prayed the night before in hopes his name would be the one called for the car.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of faith, Brody received the best early Christmas gift he could have ever asked for.

On Dec. 19, Denise was shopping at the mall with her two daughters when she received multiple missed calls from a number she did not recognize. She decided to call back, on the other line was none other than Scott Bloomquist.

“I was shocked because we only bought the one ticket,” said Denise. “And we won. I was in tears.”

Meanwhile Brody was knee deep in his craft when a friend called him out of the blue, asking if he had indeed won the car.

“He was watching the entire time and said, ‘Did you win Scott Bloomquist’s car?’ and I said, ‘No, I wish.”

His friend proceeded to ask what his mother’s name was. When Brody replied “Denise,” and he still did not believe it—thinking his friend was just playing a joke.

Then a random number called.

Brody picked up and was over the moon, when he learned he was talking to one of his idol’s in the sport and that he would soon be the owner of a custom dirt late model car.

“Probably the most excited I’ve ever been in my whole entire life,” said Brody.

Bloomquist’s team recorded the call and posted it on their Facebook page, garnering thousands of views. On one end was a boy who was over the moon, overcome with emotion that started in disbelief and ended with tears of joy—even Bloomquist started to tear up.

“I wasn’t ready for the level of shock and excitement,” said Bloomquist. “there wasn’t a clear eye in the shop.”

Not only did Brody win a car, but a mentor—as it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Bloomquist said if the person who won the car aspired to drive it, he would help them and he’s already started to do that with Brody. He said he reached out to his sponsors to help hook him up with other parts to finish the car.

“I told him from this day forward his life would never be as it would’ve before this,” said Bloomquist. “The attention they’ll get, the sponsors they’ll ge.t the support they’ll get, and what I can do for them because I can shorten his learning curve 15 years I’ve raced 40 years and I’ve learned every hard lesson there is to learn and i can help them avoid that.”

The Littletons say the support they have also received from the racing community has been heartwarming.

“It’s been very nice to hear from friends and people we don’t know that well to say that I didn’t win the car, but that kid is who should’ve won the car after hearing the excitement,” said Shannon. “After hearing those responses from people, it just means a bunch, especially at Christmas time it just makes you feel good. Of course, Scott made this happen it’s unbelievable I can’t put words to it.”

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