KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) —Every new adventure starts with a first step.

“When they came out with the first jersey, and how big that was,” said Alex Magnuson. “It follows the same path that this was the first trophy that we won.”

Alex Magnuson had aspirations of playing on One Knox, but sometimes the plan is not always the result.

“It didn’t workout and I still wanted to be involved with the club,” said Magnuson. “I sent a text to one of the owners Drew. I was like ‘Hey, I want to volunteer my services, some skills, I want to be a part of something.”

Thus the idea of the boot was crafted.

“I had been working on some sketches all throughout, getting some stuff covered,” said Magnuson. “What are we thinking? How do we feel? Design, color, base, everything. I started working on it Sunday and just went with it.”

Magnuson attacked the design and started piecing it together.

“The layout is like you make like 10 pieces and you fit them the best way possible, and you fill in the gaps when you need to,” said Magnuson. “That was the simplest way of figuring it out.”

The Knoxville native completed the boot, which welded a rivalry between Asheville City and One Knox.

“It turned into a game that was bigger than just one game,” said Magnuson. “It turned it into a rivalry right there.”

The boot not only represents One Knox’s first rivalry win, but a step into the club’s future.