KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – With Bru McCoy’s season ending injury, freshmen Kaleb Webb and Chas Nimrod are listed on the depth chart in the star wide receiver’s absence. But don’t expect to see many differences in game play Saturday against Texas A&M.

“Offense won’t really change,” said Head Coach Josh Heupel. “Those guys have been involved in perimeter screens where they are the ball carrier, they have been involved where they are the blocker. Offensively, we feel good about their development. They have to practice well, prepare well and get themselves in a position to go play well. We certainly expect that from them, and I know they are excited about the opportunity.”

Tight end Jacob Warren has seen both Nimrod and Webb stand out in practice, and said he’s looking forward to watching them on the big stage.

“They’re extremely athletic,” said Warren. “Move really well. Run really smooth routes. Look good just running around catching the ball. That room is packed with guys like that who are just waiting to step up and become comfortable in that opportunity, comfortable with that new role they’re going to have to take on. So it will be cool to see them and support them.”

However, Heupel said that doesn’t rule out Dont’e Thornton from playing, who didn’t take the field against South Carolina.

“I expect all of them to play at a high level,” said Heupel. “We are going to need all of those guys; that will be through the course of Saturday, but also throughout the course of the season. I anticipate Dont’e again, we were on the grass today, and we will see how the week unfolds, but absolutely anticipate seeing all those guys.”

When asked who can make up for Bru McCoy’s physicality, Jacob Warren said himself and the rest of the tight ends. Heupel agreed.

“The tight ends, they will be a part of what we do in the passing game,” said Heupel. “Need them to continue to come on. They have created some big plays, some big plays that we are close on too with them, so they will be a factor in the game.”