KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Fans gathered at Regal Stadium Saturday night for One Knoxville Soccer Club’s first game of the season and as a professional team. One Knoxville was able to win its game against the Lexington Soccer Club.

One Knoxville is now in USL League One and has a national schedule with 15 home games. Fans like Jonathan Haskell said the club moving to the next level provides an extra level of entertainment for Knoxville residents.

“We are just so excited to have a pro team here in Knoxville, we enjoyed the games last year, but really excited to take it up a notch to the next level this year,” Haskell said.

Haskell also said the club is dedicated to the community.

“I love the commitment that One Knox has to soccer in the community. I coach soccer in the community and I just love the fact that One Knox is partnering with the community, particularly through our community schools program,” Haskell said.

In addition to the league change for the team, this is also their first season playing in the University of Tennessee‘s Regal Stadium.

“It’s really exciting that One Knox has a home field to play with instead of playing at like East Knox and Maryville this year, so I’m excited to have a home field,” one fan said

Fans are also excited about the possibility of players starting at One Knoxville and moving up.

“I think they already signed their first academy player this week, so that would be actually pretty cool to see young talent make it to the next level from here in Knoxville,” another fan said.

The team will play its next game against Union Omaha on April 1. Click here for a full season schedule.