KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — During his first season with the Vols, Andre Turrentine found himself in a reserve role.

Now in year two, his comfortability has grown and the defensive back is looking forward to any opportunities that come his way.

With how Turrentine approaches practice, those chances shouldn’t be far away.

“Andre is one hundred miles an hour at everything he does. What I mean by that is that it’s going to be a hundred percent effort, the best he can. He had to learn our package. Now that he’s learned it and has a really good feel for it, it’s built some confidence for him,” said Vols secondary coach Willie Martinez, “He has a lot of energy that the players feed off of. He’s making more and more plays in practice. It’s obviously built confidence for himself but also with his teammates.”

“He come to work everyday man, he’s the same guy, he’s gonna hustle to the ball, he’s gonna give you what you got every time so he’s one of those guys that you appreciate jut him being around because you know just his presence kind of makes the room better because you see him hustle okay I better hustle too, you see him work, to this okay I better do the same,” said senior defensive back Warren Burrell.

Turrentine talked about how it’s been instilled in him from a young age to play at 100%.