KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As the Vols are set to take on UT-Martin on Saturday at noon, it’s a game that will bring many fans together as they celebrate another homecoming. It’s a time that two Vols for Life, Chavis Smith and Sterling Henton, known as Sterl the Pearl, said is centered around tradition and history at UT.

“It’s an opportunity for us to come together as one because you know these fans bleed orange, so it feels good to just be around people that are on the same page as you,” Smith said.

Homecoming spotlights a line of traditions from the parade to the Vol Walk to the game itself. A time that orange and white is worn proudly amongst generations of Vols.

“The power T is the mighty icon in the SEC,” Sterl the Pearl said. “You’ve got hundreds of Volunteers that are before you and there will be hundreds of years of Volunteers that will be after you.”

Both Smith and Sterl the Pearl believe homecoming is more than what is seen on the field.

“What’s exciting about homecoming for me specifically is you get to relive those moments, those moments in time,” Sterl the Pearl said. “Everybody is going to come back and see friends and ex-teammates, classmates and people we ran around campus with and just have a good time,” he said.

When looking back at homecomings in the past and comparing it to the successful season the Vols have had so far, Smith said it makes coming together this year all the more special, especially coming off a win against Alabama.

“When I was being recruited in ’98, I came up to the Florida game. It was the same situation, the kicker missed the field goal and I’m about halfway up on the 50 yard line, and just to experience it in person back then was amazing, but to actually sit back and see everything unfold in a different perspective was just amazing as well,” Smith said. “It really lets you know how deep this tradition runs in these fans.”

Both Vols for Life said they are proud of what the Vols have been able to do so far this season and they are hopeful their success will continue.