KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — We all know how far Joe Milton can throw a football but the lack of explosive throws downfield in the season opener was by design, Milton instead was able to showcase his maturity through taking what the defense gave him,

“There’s a multitude of throws that a quarterback has to play. That’s what you’re seeing Joe do is he’s playing the game like a quarterback at a really high level and not a thrower. He’s a quarterback that knows how to touch the ball up, knows how to use his arm strength when he needs it. He knows how to dial it back to touch a ball up and be on time,” said Offensive Coordinator Joey Halzle.

Where Milton’s eyes are on the field is one of the most notable takeaways from game one.

“We’ve talked about what he’s put in and invested into this with his eye discipline. When you know where you’re supposed to be and the timing you’re supposed to be on and when it’s not there, it’s much easier to get to the next one,” said Halzle. “If your eyes are all over the place trying to figure out what’s going on or where you’re supposed to be, now it’s hard to get to two, three and four, because now you’re just trying to find who the appropriate one is. All of that we’ve talked about since we came back here in January and February, you saw play out with his decision making on Saturday.”

Maturity didn’t just show on the field for Milton, but also on the sidelines. When freshman Nicco Iamaleava got the chance to get his first game reps at the collegiate level, Milton was right there coaching him up.

“The two of them are always together. Joe has been a huge help to him and bringing him along to this point,” said Halzle.