KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Omarr Norman Lott may be in his first year with the Vols, but he’s already making a big impact, even when not playing in the game.

The defensive lineman had to miss the first half of Tennessee’s game against UTSA because of the postgame altercation at Florida. However, that doesn’t mean the Arizona State transfer missed out on being a teammate.

Fellow defensive lineman Bryson Eason said Norman-Lott was there for the defense throughout the opening half, even though he couldn’t play on the field.

“Being a brother, being supportive and just being dialed in,” said Eason regarding Norman-Lott’s energy on Saturday. “But one thing for sure is being supportive and loving on us, showing the same energy he would give even if he was out there on the field. So that speaks a lot for us in the room. For him to display that even though it’s his first year here just means a lot to me and the guys in the room. We really appreciate that from him.”

Eason added that once Norman-Lott took the field in the second half, he made an impact right away with his first sack as a Vol.

“Just when he got out there and got himself a sack, just staying ready and being ready. I’m just happy for him and I’m glad we got somebody like that in the room with us,” said Eason.

Defensive coordinator Tim Banks said last week his group’s mantra is love, trust and urgency. Eason said Norman-Lott showed just that against UTSA.