KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — If you were looking at Javontez Spraggins this morning, you definitely wouldn’t think it’s a Monday.

Offensive line coach Glen Elarbee says the energy with the senior is nonstop.

Spraggins credits his St. Louis roots for his attitude, “I wake up everyday and it’s an urge to be better like it’s not a wakeup and I gotta go do something it’s a wakeup and I’m finna make something happen or finna go do, be better, whatever the case may be I’m never trying to take a step backwards so it’s just a mindset, it’s just who I am as a person and I can’t change that.”

Who Spraggins is has always been there, but has developed through his years inside the Tennessee program.

“I think Sprags always had energy, juice, effort, I think he would try to lead but it was just like a missile with a fin missing it wasn’t always right on the mark but now that man has pinpoint accuracy with every word that comes out of his mouth,” said Elarbee, “He’s on it, he knows what the pulse of the situation is, what needs to be fixed, what direction as an offensive line, as a team we need to go.”

University of Miami transfer John Campbell Jr. carries a similar vibe to Spraggins. Between thos two, the animation inside the offensive line room is alive and well.