KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — So far, the Vols played in four different uniforms during the 2022 regular season. See all of them below.

The traditional orange and white uniforms are well known to fans, and they are often very similar, year after year. Occasionally, the uniform is entirely orange, such as in the Homecoming game against UT-Martin, but most often, the Vols have worn this uniform with white pants this season. The Vols have only strayed from their traditional orange and white uniforms a few times this season.

The white-on-white uniforms made their comeback early in the season at the game against Pittsburgh in September. Strongly resembling the orange and white uniform, the colors on the jersey appears to simply be inverted. The Vols won 34-27.

On Oct. 8, when the Vols took on LSU, they donned the Smokey Grey uniforms, bringing back a fan-favorite uniform. This was the first game that Tennessee wore this uniform style since 2017. One of the key factors that make this uniform stand out from the standard uniform is the checkering on the stripes at the back of the helmet and the bottom of the pants. The Vols won this game 40-13.

Just in time for Halloween, the Vols brought back the Dark Mode uniform for their game against Kentucky. Although stylistically, the only major change from the orange and white uniforms is exchanging the white for orange, and orange for black, this uniform has a strong following and contrasts well on the field. One key factor that was praised for this iteration of the Dark Mode uniform was that the helmets were black, unlike the 2021 Dark Mode helmets. Tennessee Beat Kentucky 44-6.

The latest new uniform combination is the orange helmet, which will be debuted at the South Carolina game in Columbia on Saturday. Although the promotional pictures do not show the full uniform, it appears that the Vols will wear the white-on-white uniform, however, since the white jersey is shown, it is possible that players will don the orange pants, fully color inverting the traditional orange and white uniform.

The Vols head into Saturday 9-1. Kickoff for the South Carolina game will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Stay updated with everything Tennessee Football with WATE Sports.