KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — UT Football player Jaylen McCollough is cleared of violating the University of Tennessee’s Code of Conduct, according to attorney Chloe Akers.

Akers also said a “thorough” investigation into the allegations related to the incident has been completed and McCollough “has resolved this matter” with the University of Tennessee’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

The Knox County District Attorney’s Office confirmed they are still investigating the Oct. 9 incident in which McCollough is accused of assaulting a man who claimed to have accidentally entered the wrong apartment in the Fort Sanders neighborhood. McCollough is charged with aggravated assault and is scheduled for a hearing in November.

This means McCoullough could be eligible to play Saturday against UT Martin. When asked if he would play, a University spokesperson declined to comment and referred inquiries to Heupel’s press conference last week saying McCollough “wasn’t available” for the game against Alabama on Oct. 15.

“As part of an Alternative Resolution Agreement, there was no finding of responsibility against Mr. McCollough for any violations of the University’s Code of Conduct. He remains fully enrolled as a student without suspension or probation,” Akers said in a statement released to the media.