KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The hype around the Tennessee football program has grown exponentially in the last year.

Taking a trip back in time, it could be compared to the same energy that surrounded the program during the Peyton Manning era. Vols current offensive lineman Jackson Lampley and his dad Brad Lampley represent combine experience in playing for Tennessee in both time periods.

Brad Lampley played for the Vols from 1994-1997. According to his biography, he was a former offensive lineman. He was also a member of Hall of Fame Coach Phillip Fulmer’s first recruiting class.

His son, Jackson Lampley, is in his fifth season in the Tennessee football program. He is also a three-time member of the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll, according to the UT Sports’ website.

With their combined experience playing in the orange and white jerseys, who better to understand than a father-son duo?

“There’s also a little bit of trash talk between you know who we think is better, either 90s Tennessee football or you know current, 2022, 2023 Tennessee football but no it’s great to have had a dad who had that experience because he also knows really what it’s like when everything is going well,” said Jackson Lampley, “I’ve seen in these past five years you know a lot of the ups and downs of Tennessee football and really to see how Knoxville you know swarmed in more than ever really on this team and kind of you know how our fans have been this whole time since really the beginning of last year has just been amazing and my dad’s told me it’s really a lot like it is in the 90s, the fans are just excited and it’s a really good time to be a Vol right now.”

Time will tell which era of Tennessee football reigns superior.