GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — A rare orange lobster found at Chesapeake’s Seafood House in August is thriving at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and is rooting for the Vols.

WATE staff reached out Ripleys on Friday to check on the lobster ahead of the Tennessee-Alabama football game. Senior Aquarist Tia Gustafson gave an update that the lobster is doing well and is now on exhibit.

Given the lobster’s namesake in honor of the Vol’s football season, WATE also inquired about the lobster’s prediction for the Tennessee-Alabama game.

“Big Orange Lobster always goes for the Vols, I would say the lobster is a fan of Tennessee Orange.” Gustafson said.

The Big Orange Lobster seems to be enjoying rearranging the exhibit and creating trenches in the gravel according to Gustafson. He is on exhibit in the Curious Creatures gallery.

Photos included in the update show The Big Orange Lobster exploring the exhibit and holding a plastic pumpkin that is in the exhibit as a Halloween decoration and to provide visual enrichment for the lobster according to Gustafson.

The rare lobster came to Ripleys after it was found in a fresh seafood shipment received by Chesapeake’s in August. Wild orange lobsters are estimated to be a 1-in-30 million occurrence, and staff at Chesapeake’s decided to name the lobster “The Big Orange Lobster.”