KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Following the incident at the Ole Miss game in Neyland Stadium, the University of Tennessee is reminding fans of the code of conduct rules set by the school and the SEC as the football team returns to play in Knoxville for the first time since.

Kickoff against No. 1 Georgia is set for 3:30 p.m. The university says the code of conduct is as follows when it comes to fan behavior:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that represents UT, the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA with honor, dignity and respect.
  • Demonstrate qualities of civility and sportsmanship at all times.
  • Not use vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, demeaning, or intimidating language at any time.
  • Support the players, coaches and officials in a positive manner.
  • Treat the visiting team, coaches and fans with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Not engage in cheers that are vulgar, crass or demeaning.
  • Refrain from throwing objects onto the playing surface for any reason.
  • Not become inebriated or belligerent.
  • Refrain from entering playing and team areas at any time, including the game.
  • Be a positive role model for those around you by treating others with courtesy and respect!

“While we have been clear in expressing that the conduct of several in attendance on Oct. 16 was unacceptable, Chancellor (Donde) Plowman and I also maintain that such disruptive behavior does not represent our fanbase as a whole. We believe the Southeastern Conference standard of sportsmanship aligns with our university’s Volunteer values, and we are confident that the recommendations outlined in our action plan will effectively aid in the prevention of future incidents,” Vice-Chancellor and Director of Athletics Danny White said.

The university also released new security recommendations that are in place as well as several future safety considerations.

Reminder: Prohibited and Permitted Items

Prohibited Items

  • Non-clear bags of any size
  • Diaper bags
  • Backpacks (of any size)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cans, bottles, coolers
  • Outside food, snacks, beverages (unless needed for medical purposes)
  • Radios without headsets
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie sticks
  • Video cameras
  • Professional cameras or cameras with detachable lenses
  • Unmanned aircraft
  • Stadium seats with arms and/or pockets
  • Large bags or parcels, including backpacks and purses
  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Hoverboards
  • Segways
  • Artificial noisemakers
  • Smoking – including e-cigarettes – is prohibited inside the venue at all times
  • Strollers
  • Posters/signs larger than 8 1/2 x 11

Permitted Items

  • Small clutch purses no larger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Empty, clear water bottles
  • Mobile phones
  • Binoculars (without case)
  • Seat cushions without arms of pockets
  • Radios with headsets
  • Diapers and non-medically necessary items for babies and young children must be carried in a clear bag
  • Limited use of cameras. Game action may not be filmed. Consideration of other spectators is expected.

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