KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Imagine dropping back for a pass, and all of a sudden a 6’3″ 235 pound pass rusher just starts barreling towards you; that’s what SEC quarterbacks are becoming accustomed to.

Vols defensive lineman Byron Young is that man, but he’s taken the path less traveled to end up sacking quarterbacks on Rocky Top. The junior thought his football career was over and was working as an assistant manager at Dollar General back in 2017.

He’s now battled his way up the depth chart and has recorded four sacks in the past three games giving quarterbacks his two cents during the Vols toughest stretch of their schedule.

Young said, “It makes me feel a lot better when I think about my past and where I’m at now. It’s just like everything will be worth it. I just waited my turn and now it’s my turn, so I’m taking advantage of it.”

Defensive coordinator Tim Banks added, “B.Y. is getting better each and every week. He’s a tremendous athlete, as we all know, and I think as the game starts to slow down for him, I think you’ll see even more production from him. He’s not a guy who’s played a lot of football, as you guys know. To see the progression and to see how he’s getting better week-in and week-out has been a pleasant surprise to be quite honest with you. We thought he had a chance to be pretty good but now we realize he’s really just scratching the surface.”

Vols coach Josh Heupel said that Young has relentless energy and knows how to counter the initial move when attacking a quarterback.