KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Here is what Tennessee’s head team physician said Thursday about Trey Smith’s health issues.

Full Statement from Dr. Chris Klenck, Tennessee Head Team Physician:

“Trey was diagnosed with pulmonary emboli or blood clots in his lungs in February 2018. He was initiated on a course of anticoagulation and was cleared to return to full participation in football in August of 2018. In October of that year,

“Trey presented during practice with signs and symptoms worrisome for recurrent blood clots. Tests at the hospital that evening were also worrisome and Trey was immediately restarted on anticoagulants and removed from participation. Subsequently, we consulted with multiple specialists who reviewed Trey’s case and studies.

“Based on those consultations, we feel very confident that Trey’s studies from October were suboptimal and more consistent with lung changes from his prior blood clots and not a second episode of blood clots. In collaboration with our specialists, we developed a treatment plan that we felt would minimize Trey’s risk for recurrent blood clots but still allow him to play football.

“We implemented that plan this past season and Trey did an outstanding job and was able to excel. Now that we have a season’s worth of experience, we plan to fine tune his treatment plan and continue it into the spring and 2020 season.”