GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — Gatlinburg-Pittman is riding the heels of a stellar 11-2 season, but their success last year couldn’t be further in the rearview mirror as far as head coach Brad Waggoner is concerned.

Nearly all of GP’s starters are back, but success is far from guaranteed.

Achieving victory will be an ongoing process throughout the season and is one that started back in the offseason.

Ensuring the Highlanders put themselves in the best position for success will be facilitated by7 the chemistry that’s been built by those who have one final year wearing Gatlinburg-Pittman jerseys.

“These seniors have bought in to what we’re doing at GP, they’re really good kids, they’re a stronger leadership class so our team pretty much rallies around those guys and they kind of set the precedent of what we expect in our program,” said Waggoner.