POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s new quarterback time for the Powell Panthers.

With youth at the position, the offensive line will be their rock.

Housing the most experience on the team, the line won’t hesitate to calm own or fire up their young quarterback, depending on what the situation calls for.

The big focus is to make sure their quarterback is better is week ten than in week one.

The young guy mistakes may take their toll physically on head coach Matt Lowe, but the payoff is something special.

“They put a lot of gray hairs on older coaches is what they do alright, because it is amazing how one play they will look like superman and be unbelievably talented and gifted and the next play you’re going son what were you thinking and so but it’s fun, said Lowe, “you love to watch that process with kids, and I’ve coached quarterbacks a long time and it is amazing to watch that at the quarterback position of guys who you’re yelling no no no and you know somewhere down the line it starts to click oh I can’t make those type of mistakes I’ve just got to take what they give me, I’ve got to got through my reads, I gotta do those things, it’s a fun process to be a part of and be around.”

Between his daughters and coaching, Lowe says he has a lot of gray hairs.