Kobe Bryant continues to find ways to have a positive impact on lives years after his death. 

Former NBA great Kevin Garnett shared a clip on his Twitter page Wednesday of an exchange with comedian Kevin Hart explaining how Bryant’s death was instrumental in ending a feud with former Celtics teammate Ray Allen.

"The passing of Kobe and all of us getting older helped me understand that life is not given to none of us,” Garnett said. “It would've f----- with me if something happened to Ray and I didn't get a chance to amend this.

“Grieving Kobe's passing helped me realize that life is short to hold things against people. Cherish the ones you love and let them know they are appreciated while you can,” he added.

The star duo, who formed two-thirds of the Celtics’ big three—Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce—beat Bryant and the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals and spent five seasons together in Boston. 

The near decade-long feud is rumored to have commenced when Allen left Garnett and Boston, choosing to instead play with LeBron James and the Heat in 2012. However, last year the two appeared to make amends when Allen attended Garnett’s jersey retirement ceremony, despite appearing to still be at odds only a short time prior when Garnett chose to ignore Allen during the NBA All-Star game’s celebration for the 75 greatest players of all-time.