Down 13 at halftime to UCLAGonzaga pulled off the comeback in an instant classic thanks to Julian Strawther, who hit the game winning three-pointer with seven seconds left on the clock to advance the Bulldogs to the Elite Eight of the men’s NCAA tournament.

However, that comeback would not have happened without two-time All-American Drew Timme, who kept Gonzaga afloat with his 36 points, allowing them to overtake the Bruins. Gonzaga’s leader over the past few years, Timme kept his team engaged, even when they fell behind the Bruins in the middle of the game.

CBS’s Lauren Shehadi asked Timme about his leadership tactics after the game, and the forward came very close to saying a very NSFW phrase on live television.

“I’m gonna do whatever I can to fire this team up and fire myself up, and if people have a problem with that, they can go, uh . . . somewhere else,” he said.

Timme has now made a habit of providing entertaining comments following tournament games. Last year, he caught himself before almost cursing after beating Memphis, but wasn’t able to do so after beating TCU in the second round of this year’s Big Dance.

With Gonzaga moving Timme might have at least one more chance to see if he can catch himself from cursing in front of millions of fans.