Wednesday night’s game between the Dodgers and Tigers was briefly delayed due to a UFO. Well, not a UFO in the usual sense of a possible alien spacecraft, but it was an unidentified flying object. 

In the top of the third inning, play was momentarily halted as something floated over the heads of the Dodgers outfielders. Los Angeles announcers Joe Davis and Jessica Mendoza both said they thought it was a drone. While the mysterious object was quite large, it was something much more innocuous. It was just a really big soap bubble. It popped and the game was able to continue. 

The appearance of the bubble caused some confusion in the ballpark as players and umpires tried to figure out what it was, but Dodgers center fielder James Outman quickly got to the bottom of it. 

“It’s a bubble,” a bemused Outman said to right fielder Jason Heyward. 

Then Outman turned toward the umpires in the infield and flashed a big thumbs up, proclaiming, “We’re good. It’s just a bubble.”

Crisis averted.