KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Some animals at Zoo Knoxville are making predictions for the winner of Saturday’s game against Florida, and the consensus is pretty clear.

This weekend, the AP Top 25 College Football Poll is placing # 11 Tennessee is taking on football rival #20 Florida. Fans have been rallying all week as a part of “Florida hate week” leading up to the game, and some of the animals at Zoo Knoxville simply had to join in.

Earlier this week, Murphy, a red-legged serimea, threw down with a (toy) alligator, showing off what he thinks is going to happen on Saturday. He wasted no time, repeatedly bashing the gator against a bolder. (Well, it was a rock, but who are we to crush Murphy’s perspective.)

Murphy the red-legged seriema. (Zoo Knoxville)

While Murphy is very passionate about the Vols and shows the true might of the team, he is a bird, and with such a small brain, he may not be the best at understanding sports strategies. Murphy showed off quite a strong defense against the gator, but Zoo Knoxville decided to consult someone a bit more adept at offensive tactics.

On Friday, Batari, a Malayan tiger, also seemed to possibly favor the Vols. While we would not trust her to predict the LSU game, (she might be a bit biased.) she appears to be a Vols fan.

Now, some might think that tearing apart the Tennessee box might suggest she thinks the Vols are going to be eaten, but it would be a dangerous mistake to call her a lion.

Who will win on Saturday is still anyone’s guess, but Vols fans are rallying behind their team. The predictions of these two animals that Tennessee will win seems pretty certain, but it would not be the first time an animal prediction from the Zoo was wrong.

Before the 2021 Super Bowl, Big Al, a 150-year-old tortoise at the zoo predicted the Chiefs to win against the Buccaneers. To be fair, he spends the winter inside, but he did not hesitate with the false hope he provided the Chiefs fans.