KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Versatility is something the Vol secondary prides themselves in. Those with a skillset that extends beyond one position not only aids themselves but ups the overall production of the group by knowing the inner workings of the other players on the field.

Doneiko Slaughter is one that has showcased that versatility. His transition from safety to cornerback is one that Slaughter says has grown on him.

“When we went down with some injuries and midweek of the Kentucky game, you know he didn’t bat an eye you know Doneiko go over and play corner, hadn’t played corner at all, other than a couple snaps in the Spring and obviously we all saw how he played and how he played moving forward, he’s a playmaker you know, he’s somebody who’s proven it,” said Secondary coach Willie Martinez.

BYU transfer Gabe Jeudy-Lally comes to the Vols with several years of experience at both Vanderbilt and with the Cougars. Being an older guy, he holds a deeper understanding of how impactful versatility can be.

“I think it makes it better for plug and play, at the end of the day you don’t know what’s gonna happen when it comes to being on the football field, during the game, at practice or just in everyday life so it’s good to be able to have guys, just like we talked to Christian before, just like Doneiko who can just play wherever on the field and we got young guys who are able to do the same thing right now to it’s good and it also shows a different look for the offense cause they don’t really know who’s gonna come out each week if we decide to change something up so I think it’s just something we can put in our back pocket that plays really well,” said Jeudy-Lally.

Martinez also mentioned how for the freshman, they’re keeping them in one spot and letting them play as they learn the defense.