KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Following a rocky performance against Austin Peay, Tennessee football held a players only meeting on Sunday.

While it may seem a little unique, those type of meetings actually happen pretty often, with a primary focus on bringing the team together before they can ever drift apart.

“Whenever we feel like there’s you know something coming up or you might see guys kind of falling off, lacking a little bit you know we just go ahead and address it right then so that way it’s not a total fall off” said senior defensive lineman Omari Thomas, “You know just to get everybody back on the same page to make sure everybody’s having fun and everybody enjoying the process and just really bonding to the process cause we know we can’t cheat the process we got to take every game one step at a time.”

It’s a “we” mentality in the way the leaders inside the Vol football program approached the players only meeting.

“We all are always supporting each other, the leadership council really always stands up there so that the team knows it’s coming from the leadership council as a whole and not necessarily one person because we’re a team we all have to be able to buy in with each other. We depend on the offense, offense depends on the defense so it just really shows that everybody’s locked in and we are a true family,” said Thomas.