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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – USA Cycling will hold individual time trials, a criterium and a Pro Road race in Knoxville on June 27-30, 2019. 

Thursday, June 27

The ITT will be held on a 6.9-mile section of roadways that traverse along the banks of Melton Lake and the internally-acclaimed Oak Ridge Rowing venue in Oak Ridge, just 30 minutes west of downtown Knoxville. The professional and elite women will complete two laps of the 6.9-mile ITT course for a total distance of 13.96 miles (Map).

Friday, June 28

The Criterium will be held under the lights of downtown Knoxville, with the start and finish on Gay Street. The 1.1-mile circuit is fast, short, and technical. Athletes will race for a set amount of time and then a specific number of finishing laps. The women will race for a maximum of 75 minutes and the men will race for a maximum of 90 minutes (Map).

Saturday, June 29
This is a new event in Knoxville for 2019. The rules of Paralympic cycling are almost identical to those of its Olympic counterpart. Para-cycling competition is open to male and female athletes from two impairment groups: physical and visual. Paralympic cyclists may compete on one of four different kinds of bike – bicycle, tricycle, handcycle or tandem – depending on their sport class. Sport classes are based on the type of bicycle used as well as the athlete’s impairment. A system of letters and numbers is used to distinguish the sport classes: “B” is for tandem, “H” is for handcycle, “T” is for tricycle and “C” is for bicycle (Map). 

Cyclists who have amputations or limited use of their lower body (for example, a spinal cord injury) use handcycles to compete. To power the bike, these athletes use their arms instead of their legs. Some handcycling athletes compete in a reclined position while others kneel. Handcyclists may compete in all road cycling events (but not track).

A tricycle is a standard racing bicycle with a third wheel. One wheel is located in the front of the bike while two wheels support the back. Cyclists who lack balance use tricycles for road events. No amputees compete in tricycle events. Tricyclists may compete in all road cycling events (but not track).

Athletes who can independently balance on a regular bicycle and power it with their legs compete on standard bicycles in the C1–C5 sport classes. All cyclists in these sport classes may compete in all road and track cycling events.

Cyclists with visual impairments compete in sport class B using tandem (two-person) bicycles. The bicycle is specifically designed with two seats and two sets of pedals. Only the front cyclist, called the “pilot,” can turn the bike. The cyclist with a visual impairment rides in the back and is called the “stoker.” Cyclists with visual impairments may compete in all road and track cycling events.

Sunday, June 30

The Road Race course will start and finish on Gay Street, allowing for incredible viewing experiences. The 7.9-mile route will cover familiar territory, crossing the Tennessee River via the iconic Gay Street Bridge, traversing the signature climb up Sherrod Street, and using the James White Parkway to return downtown through the historic Old City (Map).

Here is road closure information for these events.

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