Welcome to the 108th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch! This is a blog that will be posted every week that will list events happening in the sky.

Monday, December 6th – Wednesday, December 8th 2021

If you look to the South-Southwest the next several nights, about 45 minutes after sunset, Venus and Saturn will be visible in the sky (Sky & Telescope). These planets will be visible near the waxing crescent Moon (Sky & Telescope).

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

Jupiter, although not in the above image, can be seen to the upper left of Saturn (Sky & Telescope).

Friday, December 10th 2021

The First Quarter Moon occurs tonight at 8:36 PM EST (Sky & Telescope). Remember, a First Quarter Moon looks like a half Moon. The Moon will be visible to the upper left of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter (Sky & Telescope).

Note: The Geminid meteor shower will peak December 13th and 14th! Be on the lookout for meteors!

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