Welcome to the 187th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch. This is a blog that will be updated every Friday and will list events happening in the sky.

Friday, November 3rd – Saturday, November 4th 2023

Friday night you will be able to see the two bright stars, Altair and Vega (Sky & Telescope). Altair can be seen in the Southwest with Vega to its right (Sky & Telescope).

Saturday morning 1 hour before sunrise the Moon will be visible near the bright stars Pollux and Castor (Sky & Telescope). You will want to look Southwest almost directly overhead to spot these stars (Sky & Telescope).

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

Saturday night daylight-saving time also ends (Sky & Telescope). We will “fall back” and gain an extra hour of sleep! Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour before bed on Saturday night.

Sunday, November 5th 2023

The Last Quarter Moon takes place early Sunday morning at exactly 4:37 A.M. EDT (Sky & Telescope).

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