KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxvillians are noticing hazy skies after smoke from the Canadian wildfires traveled to the eastern United States.

When Mia Ford woke up Wednesday morning, she did not know about the wildfires in Canada but began to notice something different as the day went on.

“I didn’t really notice a difference until I started babysitting and walking the a over off of Northshore in a neighborhood and it was obviously super foggy out and the visibility wasn’t that great,” Ford said.

Aside from what the sky looked like, she noticed something else out of the ordinary.

“The main thing that I could really notice and the kids noticed it as well is that the smell in the air was very different, and it wasn’t necessarily chemically but it was just like not a natural smell that you would smell around here so we knew that something was definitely up and different,” she said.

WATE’s Meteorologist Margo Altshuler said Knoxville was in the moderate zone for air quality on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We measure air quality, like what particles are in the air, to determine how hazardous it is to be outside especially with people with certain health risks, so anything above a moderate, people who are more sensitive, usually need to stay indoors, especially people with asthma, older people need to stay indoors especially,” she said.

Despite the fires being in northwestern Canada, wind patterns are bringing the smoke to the eastern U.S.

“This causes sunsets and sunrises to look more hazy, it also makes colors more vibrant. A couple nights ago if you looked at the moon you could actually see an orange moon because of this smoke,” Altshuler said.

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She said Knoxvillians can expect to see the hazy sky for at least a few more days.

“We should see all this clear out by the weekend hopefully, and it also is dependent on Canada getting the wildfires contained, seeing a shift in the wind, seeing a shift in the atmosphere, to see if more smoke will come our way or not.”