KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Know where you’ll go before you need to know where to go. That’s the message for Tuesday during WATE 6 Storm Team’s Severe Weather Awareness Week, from Meteorologist Michael Autovino.

Identifying your safe place is important, long before severe weather comes. Having that place identified helps save time and helps keep your family safe during an emergency. It also provides a meeting place in case your family is in different places when a storm strikes.

If a tornado warning is issued you want to head Downstairs, be Underneath something (perhaps a mattress) and be in the Center of your house and Keep away from windows. If you noticed the first letters of keywords spell DUCK, then you’ve got the right idea.

So obviously when a tornado warning is issued you want to head downstairs and you want to be into the basement now notice it’s kind of an enclosed area it’s away from any windows you want to be able to preferably be under something be able to cover ahead and shield yourself from and debris especially if you don’t have a basement so if you don’t have a basement you want to head to your closet or preferably even a bathroom. 

WATE 6 Meteorologist Michael Autovino shows a safe space inside a home.

You will also want to turn up the volume on your television so you can hear WATE 6 Storm Team as we provide live coverage of where the tornado is and where it is headed.

Here’s a diagram to show you exactly where you should be.

If you live in a mobile home, you should not stay inside and you should consider going elsewhere. You need to shelter in another place that provides better shelter. A friends’ home, perhaps. It is especially important for mobile home dwellers to identify where you will go before the severe weather arrives. Don’t forget to practice going to your safe space so you know how long it will take you to get there.

With all types of severe weather you should make sure that you’re indoors. But if you are stuck outside and there is a severe thunderstorm or thunderstorm, you want to make sure you’re not near any trees or any tall objects. This is because lightning strikes taller objects first. Stay off hilltops, as well. We often say “when thunder roars go indoors” and its worth repeating.