KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — How does the weather forecast impact the colors that leaves become in the fall?

During the growing season, the green color is going to be dominant because of chlorophyll production. During the fall, chlorophyll stops producing and allows all those other colors in the leaf to come out. The day-to-day weather can impact the brightness of the leaves and how the colors look across the area.

Moisture is one thing that affects the fall leaf colors. If conditions are dry and there isn’t a lot of rain the leaf color may be muted and/or delayed. When there is plenty of rain across the area, the leaf color is more vibrant. It also will happen during the expected peak season.

The peak is normally around early October for the highest peaks of the Smokies and mid-October towards the lower elevations and Foothills and back across the Plateau. In the valley, the peak is around Halloween in late October.

In addition, the temperatures can affect how the fall leaves look. When it’s warmer, the colors are a little more muted, a little more dim and dark. With cooler, crisper mornings, more vibrant colors are expected.