Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornadoes

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Most of you probably already know the difference between a watch and a warning. A watch means severe weather is possible and a warning means that severe weather is happening. But do you know what to do when a warning is issued?

We tried to make it as simple as possible. Just remember this acronym “D.U.CK.”. You want to get downstairs to the lowest level of your home. You want to get under something sturdy. Also want to get to the center of the house is best. And you want to keep away from windows. So “D.U.CK.” is an easy thing to remember.

Let’s take a look inside a home and see where a safe place would be. Of course, if you have a basement that’s going to be your best place to go. It’s the lowest level of the house, right? I know not everybody has a basement so let’s peel back the roof a little bit and take a look from the top down. We always say put as many walls between you and the outside as possible. Stay away from windows and get to the center of the house. So that bathroom is looking like a great place to be place. So again, stay away from these windows, we’re in the middle of the house, the lowest level of the house and we put as many walls between ourselves and the outside as possible.

So, I want you to locate your safe place. Talk about it tonight with your family and make sure everybody knows where they’re supposed to go any time of the day or night. The last thing you want do is to be talking about it when that event is happening. The best thing you can do is practice your plan so that you can stay safe.

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